Buzz About Freetail Houston

People want Freetail Brewing Co. in Houston! Just check out these statements of support!

“…I was raised in Houston and this summer my friends and I visited Freetail in San Antonio for the first time. It was awesome! Great beer, great pizza, and especially great people! We would definitely be frequent visitors there if it were to come to Houston, especially since Two Rows, Houston (RIP) closed. This is great news!” -Aaron Reissig, Houstonian by birth

“I have it on good authority that owner Scott Metzger pays attention to this sort of anecdotal market research, and if we can demonstrate our demand in a holistic way online, we just can’t lose!” -Jennifer Litz, Texas Girls’ Pint Out

“I know there’s demand here because it’s the question I get asked the most: Where are the brewpubs? People have always appreciated craftsmanship and increasingly they value locally made products. Even folks who don’t normally think about those things realize that the freshest beer has never seen the inside of a warehouse or delivery truck.

As for Freetail, I have been there and tried their beers. I have met and interviewed founder Scott Metzger. Any business that well run that makes beer that good would be welcome in Houston and particularly on Main Street.” – Ronnie Crocker, Beer, TX Blogger- Houston Chronicle

“I have a growler. It even says Freetail on it. There is something wrong with it, though. I fear it might be defective. See, my Freetail growler is missing an integral part: beer. Namely Freetail beer. I have filled a few times. I even took it to Petrol and had them fill it with another brewers’ product. Though tasty, it was not Freetail. Having made the pilgrimage to San Antonio more than once, I often find myself longing for the ability to do so more. Sadly, driving to San Antonio for beer and pizza is not practical.

Having Freetail here in Houston would be this beer-nerd’s Valhalla. Deciding where to go eat for lunch/dinner/corporate meeting/anniversaries would be such a simple and joyous discussion. I would be able to take my kids with me and not be “that guy” anymore. This isn’t just about me, though. Freetail stands to gain here, too! Think of all the money I would spend. Houston has a burgeoning soccer following. Houston is one of the largest cities in the country. Oh, and Freetail would finally get to root for a team that is capable of winning more than 1 measly game in a season (Go Texans!).

Most importantly, I could fix my Freetail growler. Remember, it is missing that vital piece.” – Brian Taylor, Houstonian

“I just wanted to let you know I think what you are doing is great and I would love to help out in any way that I can. […] Thanks for going above and beyond for beer lovers in Houston.” – Mike Cortez, Bite Me Houston


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